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Repeating elements resembling the continent of Africa are the base of this limited production line. Each piece is hand assembled, soldered and finished using 2 unique finishes on each link, the raised motif is a matte finish and the background surface is a diamond cut finish. The piece is reversible with a different raised motif on the other side. They fan out like spreading flower petals as they are worn around the wrist or neck.

This line is also available to order in yellow, green or rose gold in 14 to 22 karat depending on the color you desire.  The bracelet length is 7 inches in total length including the hand made toggle clasp and the necklace is 16 inches total.

Please contact me for specific alloys or custom sizing information. Gemstones can also be added to each link, on one side only, with a variety of stone possibilities to suit your taste.

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